Tips for Getting Through the Holiday Season Without the Dreaded 7-8 lb Weight Gain

While never-ending temptations are everywhere, holiday parties and meals don’t have to interrupt your healthy weight loss journey. Preparation is critical. Following are some tips.

Never go to a holiday party hungry. This is a recipe for disaster. Make sure to each some healthy protein before the party to take of the hunger edge. When possible, learn what is being served and write down what you plan to eat.

Beware of the Cocktails. Alcohol and dieting don’t go well together. Not only does it add calories, but it also lowers your inhibitions and inevitably you wind up eating more. Plan in advance to limit yourself to no more than two drinks per evening and have a full glass of water before the each drink.

Politely say no to the food pushers. They all mean well, but food pushers, the people saying, “please take one more” or “I cooked this for you,” can be insensitive or unaware of your dieting needs. Don’t feel shy about sweetly saying no thank you. And if that fails, simply say: “I already had some—it was delish!”

Pay attention to the people first and the food second. Make a point to circulate at holiday parties and catch up with friends and family. Try to stay away from the food tables, chips and other noshes while you are talking so that you aren’t tempted to eat mindlessly.

Eat smaller portions. The holidays are a time for special recipes and tastes. You don’t have to go cold turkey, you just need to manage your intake so as not to completely derail your weight loss efforts. Most restaurants portions are significantly larger than is necessary. Consider cutting the dish in half right away and asking the waiter to put it in a container to go. Or offer to split an entrée with a friend. Or order from the appetizer menu along with a nice big salad. Advance and mindful planning is the key to your success.

Rock the dance floor. If you are dancing there is a good chance that you are not eating or drinking. So consider turning up the tunes and getting right in the middle of the fun on the dance floor. The exercise will burn as much as 400 calories in an hour and you will be the life of the party.

Celebrate Without Guilt

While the holiday season can be a very challenging time of the year for weight watchers, there are smart ways to navigate season without paying the price with a big weight gain. You can have fun and still stay on track.

July 15, 2016 Weight Management

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